Worth the hype??

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Hi everyone, hope you’re having a good day so far! 🙂

Today I wanted to talk about a range of products that people have ranted and raved about for absolutely ages now and discuss whether they are really as good as people say.

Being a teenager can be quite difficult because not everyone is earning their own money or can afford to fork out £20 on a mascara – I’m looking at you Benefit!! So in this post I wanted to go over some products that have mixed reviews and really see whether they are worth your money.


The first product I’m going to talk about is the Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm by Elemis. This product claims to ‘instantly brighten’ your complexion and be the ‘perfect makeup base’, I would definitely agree with the first claim as this balm contains purple orchid, acai and noni which combined help fight ageing (even though I’m a teenager).

These ingredients help give your skin a dewy and luminous effect, which looks really nice with minimal makeup as you look more natural and glowy.

However, I wouldn’t agree with this being the ‘perfect makeup base’ because of how greasy it feels on your skin. I tried out wearing this product for a week and I found that the foundation on my t-zone would constantly fade, even with powder on top.


If you have very oily skin then I would definitely not recommend this product as it is really illuminating and brightening. Although, if you have combination skin I would say that this could work for you if you have dry patches and an oily t-zone.

Considering the fact that this Flash Balm is £37, and claims to be the ‘perfect’ base for your makeup, I wouldn’t recommend that you buy this product for those purposes, but if you’re looking for a fresh illuminating balm for a more natural look then this product could be for you. But at the same time, I am 100% that there are much cheaper alternatives out there.


The second product that I’d like to talk about is from a very famous range; the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour range. This is probably Elizabeth Arden’s most well recognised range and I would even go far enough to say that it’s world renowned. This lip balm is a part of their 8 hour range which consists of various creams and moisturisers, that are meant to moisturise and hydrate your skin throughout the day (8 hours).

The lip protectant supposedly moisturises, softens and smooths your lips which I would say is very true. After applying this lip balm for the first time it instantly felt like my lips were being replenished, which I assumed was down to the beeswax in the formula of the balm (I assumed there was beeswax in it because of the smell).

Beeswax is extremely beneficial to the lips as it helps retain moisture, as well as preventing infections and cold sores. However, if you don’t like strong smelling lip balm, then this might not be for you as the smell is very strong in my opinion. Another benefit of this lip balm or ‘protectant’ is that it contains an SPF of 15 which is amazing because it helps protect you from UVB rays; which you’re constantly at risk to.

Although, I wouldn’t say that the lip balm fully lasts for 8 hours as each time I have used it, I’ve needed to reapply the balm within a couple of hours. But this might be because I haven’t applied enough of the product in the first place.

Despite this I still really like this lip balm and I do believe it’s well-worth trying out, but if you don’t want to fork out £20 for a lip balm then I wouldn’t suggest it as highly as I have been.


The next product that I would like to talk about is actually a free sample which I got given, I had never really heard of Dermalogica as a brand, but after doing some research I was rather impressed.

This is the ‘Hydrablur Primer’ which apparently minimises signs of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. I was initially sceptical of this primer as at first it felt quite dry on the skin, however after rubbing it in it felt really nice on the skin and not greasy at all!

I really liked how lightweight this primer was as sometimes primers can make your foundation feel thick and ‘cakey’; which I absolutely hate.


Furthermore, I found this primer to be quite mattifying on my skin which was helpful in a way because I suffer from quite oily skin – especially my T-Zone. If you have a similar problem to me then I would suggest this because it helped my foundation and makeup last pretty much all day. But I get quite dry skin on my cheeks which didn’t help them seeing as it’s Winter and this primer is mattifying.

I really enjoyed using this primer and could see myself using it everyday, although I can’t because of the price. This primer is £38 for 22 ml, however you can buy this for £17.27 and get 10 ml which isn’t necessarily the cheapest product. If you can afford to buy this primer then I would recommend it, but I am certain that there are much cheaper alternatives out there.


The next product on my list is the Denman Grooming Brush (D81M), which is a highly recommended hairbrush that uses natural boar bristles and nylon quills to reduce and tame frizzy hair.

I have only been using this brush for a couple of days now, but I instantly saw a difference in my hair and it’s texture. I find that this brush really helps to de-tangle your hair without being too harsh and ripping or tearing the follicles.

I like to use this brush after having day old hair, as you can brush your hair without it then looking overly greasy and a bit nasty in general. It leaves your hair feeling luscious and silky, which I had never really experienced until using this brush.

The mixture of boar bristles and nylon quills help to evenly distribute the natural oils in your hair without leaving it looking greasy and dirty. I was planning to write another post on my hair care routine so I won’t go into too much detail on how I use this hairbrush etc.

But for £9.79 I would definitely say that this hairbrush is worth buying!


I’m really excited to talk about this next product as I’ve never owned a ‘high-end’ eyeshadow palette, for Christmas I was kindly gifted The Balm’s NUDE’tude by my best friend Dulcie.

I thought that the packaging for this eyeshadow palette was really innovative and creative, as you can see below, the company has opted for an unusual yet creative layout for their palette which in all honesty made me laugh quite a bit.

At first glance there was a wide variety of shades in this palette, with a mixture of matte and shimmery shades. And after swatching these shadows it was apparent how truly pigmented these were, which I was not expecting!

The matte shades in this palette were especially pigmented which I really liked, as it meant that you could create a variety of smokey eye looks while using this palette. However, the matte shades are quite dark which means that there aren’t really any good transition shades – unless you use the shade ‘Sultry’ very lightly. But I would like more brown shades rather than 2 grey/black shades.

The shimmery shades in this palette are absolutely gorgeous! There is quite a variety of shimmery shades that all compliment each other, which is another thing I love about this palette.

All of the shades in this palette are really creamy and smooth which is really helpful for when applying them to your eyelids. I wouldn’t say that this is the most versatile palette, as there aren’t any bright or eye-catching shades, however this is a truly lovely palette that would be good for everyday use.

The palette does cost £32, which is quite pricey but it would make a lovely present for someone – or even for yourself!


And finally, the last product I’m going to talk about is a very well known mascara by Benefit Cosmetics. Practically everyone has heard of this mascara at some point and wondered is it worth buying?

I was really lucky to receive this mascara as a birthday present as I had been toying with the idea of buying it for myself, for a long time. But there was something that couldn’t bring me to purchasing it – the hype. Everyone on the internet, in my school, in Pharmacies etc. had been raving about this mascara and how it “wasn’t like any other mascara”.

But when it comes to makeup I don’t really like to spend lots of cash unless I know that it’s going to last me a long long time, for example an eye shadow palette or a blush palette.

I was pleasantly surprised when I used this mascara for the first time because I didn’t even have to curl my lashes – the mascara did it for me! You really wouldn’t expect it looking at the mascara wand, but this mascara instantly lifts and lengthens your lashes, which I adore because my lashes are quite short and stubby.

I wouldn’t go to the length of saying that this mascara is volumizing as I personally found that this really just separated and made my lashes longer, which gives a more doe-eyed effect.

Occasionally, I did find the mascara to have quite a sticky consistency but that might just be with my specific mascara. When attempting to use the mascara I did find that a lot of product came out, which I did find out to be because of the shape of the wand and how the packaging on the inside didn’t give you the bare minimum product to use.

I would recommend this because it is a lovely mascara that really works to separate and lengthen your lashes, however seeing as it is around £20 I would otherwise suggest purchasing Maybelline’s Lash Sensational because I found this to be a dupe for Roller Lash.


I you liked this post as I am considering writing more like this! As I previously said, I am in the makes of writing a blog post about my hair care routine and the steps I took to get rid of frizzy and dry hair.

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