Space Bun tutorial

Hi everyone 🙂

Spring is approaching and so this means that everyone is packing away their winter wardrobe and reviving their style! Spring is one of my favourite seasons because it’s the middle-man between Winter and Summer; it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold.

But the closer we get to Summer – the hotter it gets!! And so today I wanted to show you a relatively easy hairstyle that looks good on everyone, this hairstyle looks as if you have spent hours doing your hair, when in reality it took you 10 minutes at the most!

**I don’t know if this hairstyle will work with short hair because my hair is fairly long**

  • This hairstyle works best if you have day old hair, however you can just use dry shampoo or sea salt spray on your hair to give it some texture and grip. I would recommend using the Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo Naked Spray (£2.99 at Superdrug) as this doesn’t leave any white residue in your hair. Or the John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray (£1.33 at Boots for 25ml) as it gives your hair really good grip and smells amazing.


  • Make sure that your hair is thoroughly brushed through and that there are no knots. To give your hair more volume, I would suggest to first brush your hair from the nape of your neck and then the brush from the front of your scalp.


  • Part your hair through the middle and evenly separate your hair into 2 different sections. If you want even buns then getting even pieces of hair on each side of your head is an important step! 6332C7BA-2E12-4976-A3B4-9208CF18B24B
  • Tie one side of your hair with a bobble to keep it out of the way and then begin brushing the other side/section of hair upwards, to the top of your head – or wherever you want the buns to go.


  • Begin to twist the hair slowly and tightly and it should soon be forming a bun shape.


  • Grab a small/thin hair bobble and secure the bun on your head, to make sure it stays put you can place some hair grips into it (placing in 4 grips to form a X shape is the most effective), however this depends if you want the buns to stay looking perfect or if you want them to look more messy.


  • To prevent any flyaways spray your hair with some hairspray, I like the Silvikrin Hairspray Maximum Hold (£3.14 at Boots) as it keeps your hair in place for long periods of time. If you do use this hairspray I would recommend to NOT spray it too close to your head otherwise your hair will feel crispy. E81BE244-2630-4361-B560-74D8A9F8E60F
  • Repeat all of the steps for the other section of hair and you should be done!!

    I hope that this post was helpful as it was sort of a re-make of one of my old posts, as always I hope you’re having a lovely evening and do feel free to follow my blog as there will be a lot more content coming your way!!

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