Golden Bar Palette

Hi everyone 🙂

Today I wanted to talk about my current favourite eyeshadow palette – The Golden Bar Palette by I Heart Makeup! If you haven’t heard of the brand I Heart Makeup, they are a sister-brand to Makeup Revolution; which is sold in Superdrug and on Tam Beauty.


First of all can I just say what we were all thinking – how gorgeous is the packaging of this palette!!! ❤ ❤


What first caught my attention to this palette was it’s amazing packaging, in all honesty I prefer this style of packaging than Too Faced’s chocolate palette. Mainly because I feel like this palette is a more inventive and creative take on their packaging (sorry Too Faced!).

I really like how sleek and precise the packaging is with it’s detail as it makes it feel like a much more expensive palette, however the only thing that annoys me about the packaging is how chunky and bulky it can be in your makeup bag. Because of the design of the packaging, it ends up being quite heavy and bulky which makes it harder to travel with; although I would still take this away with me because of how much I actually love this palette.

When I first tried this palette I was a little let down at first because some of the shades were quite chalky and didn’t have much pigment or colour to them, however after a while it became apparent that with this palette there was an initial layer that you needed to get through in order to get full pigment out of the shadows.



All of the shades in this palette are shimmery shades which is a nice change for once, however this does mean that there aren’t any transition shades in this palette which I do like to see. Despite this I do really like the variety of shades in this palette as you are given plenty of pink/champagne shades, bronze or browns, golds and even a white!

This makes it an ideal palette for a night out in Summer, as all these shades are quite Summery and warm toned. Also, as you can tell there is no black in this palette which is unusual yet I am glad because I get sick of seeing black shadows in almost every palette because I rarely ever use it.

Furthermore, because this palette is a shimmer based palette I would definitely recommend to use an eyeshadow primer or sealant to get the best pigment out of the shadows. I have found that with some of the shades you need to pack on the eyeshadow to get more pigment out of it, e.g.the darker brown shades like Box and Block.

Price wise the palettes in the Chocolate Bar range cost £9.00 at Superdrug and on which I think is a pretty good deal for 16 absolutely gorgeous shades like these. I was given this palette for Christmas so I didn’t pay any money, however after using this palette for a while now and growing to love it, I would be very willing to buy another palette from this range and to review it afterwards!

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  1. Jade Mayhead says:

    I tried one of these palettes in the range when I was in store at Superdrug, and I wasn’t a very big fan. I thought it was very chalky also, but if it’s just the first layer I’m going to purchase one as I was in love with the shades😍xo


    1. Ikr! I was so upset at first because it was a present and the shades were beautiful, honestly after using it non-stop for a week or so the shades became easier to use! Glad I could help xx 🙂

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