Manchester makeup haul

Hi everyone 🙂

I recently went on a girls trip to Manchester for one of my friends’ 18th birthday! And during that amazing trip we went shopping in the town centre because who doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ shopping spree?? I know I do!

Today I’m going to talk to you about what I bought whilst in Manchester and discuss the products and give you a review of them.


The first product which I bought was Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation because I had heard good reviews both online and from my friends about this product. I have been looking for a new foundation for quite a while now as the foundation I am currently using the L’Oreal True Match foundation (shade Ivory), which is a lovely foundation don’t get me wrong but lately my skin has been more oily than dry and Summer is coming up soooo I thought that it was time for a change.


This foundation claims to ‘mattify and refine pores with blurring micro-powders for poreless looking skin’ which I would agree with as I have noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my skin after using this foundation, and would definitely say that it is because I am using a new primer and a new foundation.

But this foundation definitely mattifies the skin and stays in place for an extended amount of time, which I am extremely pleased with as I want this foundation to last me throughout my long hours at college. But this foundation does slightly dull your skin in my opinion and it’s harder to get a natural sort of finish because of this.



Another claim that this foundation makes is that it ‘matches skin tone and texture’, which I believe is correct as I chose the shade 102 or Fair Ivory which is slightly darker than my skin tone however it still seems to match my skin tone on my face and neck.

However, the only negative aspect of this foundation in my opinion is the ‘natural, seamless finish’ as sometimes I have found this foundation to be prone to clinging to any dry patches of skin; so just be careful when applying this product. But this only cost me £6.00


The next product that I bought was the Bronze and Glow duo powder by I Heart Makeup, which if you read my blog you will recognise as I have the eyeshadow palette that is part of this set! And have previously done a review of it here if you want to know about the eyeshadow palette as well as this one: Golden Bar palette review

The packaging of this bronze and highlight duo is exactly the same as the eyeshadow palette, although this is just smaller. This palette isn’t as chunky as the eyeshadow palette which makes it much easier to store and travel with.

I really like the shades in this duo palette as you are given a fairly light bronzing shade which would be good for contouring on lighter skin tones and for generally bronzing the face. The highlight is a very pigmented champagne colour with coral undertones, which I think gives a really nice and natural glow to the skin. Using both this and the eyeshadow palette together would give you a very bold and golden eye look with a very natural contour and highlight – the perfect combo!

The only real downside of this palette is the smell, naturally you would assume that this would smell of chocolate as it is a part of the chocolate bar range from I Heart Makeup, however this palette smells of a mixture of chocolate and chemicals. Which is off-putting but you aren’t necessarily going to be smelling this throughout the day.


This duo palette cost £6.00 which is reasonably cheap however you are only given 2 shades, so it may or may not be worth buying. However, if you want to collect the Golden Bar palettes as a set then it is definitely worth purchasing.


I then picked up another product by I Heart Makeup which was the Brow Kit in the shade ‘fairest of them all’, as I have ashy blonde hair and the other shades were a bit too dark for me.

At a glance this brow kit has everything you could need, a variety of shades, brow wax, brow brush and tweezers. Plus this kit is small and compact which makes it a staple kit to travel with as it doesn’t take up loads of space.

At first when I swatched the shades in this kit I thought that they would perfectly suit my hair colour and eyebrow hair colour, however when actually trying this kit out I soon realised that the shades in this palette were very red toned and much too warm for my hair colour.

The pigment of these shades however was amazing, if you want bold and fuller brows than this product is definitely the way to go, however be careful when applying this product as there seemed to be quite a lot of ‘fall out’ when using this product.

I bought this kit for £3.00 which seems fairly priced seeing as you are given a variety of shades and tools, however seeing as even the fairest kit is too warm for me is a bit of a waste of £3.00. But I would recommend this for people with warm undertones and warm toned hair.


The final product in this haul is the Naked Chocolate palette, also by I Heart Makeup which is another product from their Chocolate Bar collection. This is originally one of the palettes from their collection that I had wanted to buy from the get go, but never really brought myself to it because I kept thinking that I probably already had similar shades of eyeshadow in other palettes.

Which I still probably do, but I know that I will get a lot of good use from this palette because of its variety of matte and shimmery shades. There is a good mixture of warm and cool toned shades in this palette that also vary between the matte and the shimmery shades; which is different to the Golden Bar palette hence the name ‘Golden’.

I really like how there is a variety of dark matte shades as this gives you the opportunity to play around with shades in the crease or use them as eyeliner. You can even create a warm smokey eye with this palette.


The packaging of this palette is of course just to die for! It’s not as eye-catching and glamorous as the Golden Bar palette, however it is just a pretty. The packaging for this palette is also quite chunky which makes it difficult to take with you and to travel with, however it is definitely worth it.


The main point of these palettes is that they smell like chocolate, yet I don’t think they do. To me they personally smell like a weird chocolate or chocolate mixed with chemicals, this doesn’t worry me when using this palette because I know that I’m not going to have a reaction because I have used the Golden Bar palette and have tested the range of palettes in store.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post, sorry for posting it late! I’ve been away and have been busy over Easter but from now on the posts will be each weekend.

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