Handling your time wisely

Hey everyone, I hope you’re doing well ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I wanted to talk about something that I struggle to handle quite a lot of the time, which is time management.

Time management is a really useful life skill to have because it can be handy in a lot – and I mean a lot – of ways. It can help you with daily tasks or chores, school, university and work. You can even put it on your CV!

However, there are a lot of factors that help to build your time management skills as a whole, which is what I wanted to talk to you about today.

Setting yourself goals

Because you cannot actually manage time and you can only manage how you use your time, an effective way of making sure you get things done is by setting yourself goals to complete.

I would advise to thoroughly think about how each different goal is going to help you and how important each goal is in order to prioritise them. The most essential of time management skills is being able to prioritise your time in a way which serves your goals.

You could sit down by yourself and think about what goals you have and want to achieve, write a list and then sort out which ones you think are the most important in the long run and which ones need the most effort and attention and time to achieve them.



The main reason why people struggle with prioritising things is because they put tasks onto their to-do list which shouldn’t be. Prioritisation shouldn’t focus on you getting more work done, it should revolve around you making sure that you aren’t giving yourself pointless tasks.

You should try to avoid any tasks which aren’t necessary at that point in time. Once you have achieved this you can properly focus on the most important tasks at hand using your time wisely.


Self-awareness and motivation

Different people work in different ways and for you to truly be able to manage your time well, you need to recognise the best way in which you work. For instance, do you work best in the morning or evening?

You need to have a good understanding of your own likes and dislikes for you to be able to properly get work done. There may be points where you don’t want to do anything because you’re bored, tired or are just lacking motivation. It’s times like these where you need to be able to motivate yourself rather than relying on others around you to do so, as you need to take responsibility for your own actions.



When doing important work for school, college or work there will always be something else competing for your attention and making you lose focus – which is a huge problem. Focusing on something seems much easier than it really is, but once you come to the realisation that you struggle with then; then you will realise.

It’s important to not overwork yourself by trying to keep focus on multiple tasks at once and by just facing them each one at a time. Trying to tackle multiple jobs at once can be tricky and sometimes be counter productive. Removing yourself from a noisy or otherwise distracting environment and clearly setting out each task for yourself is the best way to tackle this.

Also, by turning off your laptop, computer and phone and getting off the internet (unless it’s required!) Making sure that there is nothing to distract you is a huge part of this as well.


Planning and decision making

Planning is needed for any major task or project and you will need to consider a lot of things before starting one. You need to take into consideration if any of the tasks will overlap or if you need to complete one task to begin another, it is a good idea to keep this in mind both before and during your work so that you can keep on schedule and avoid missing any deadlines as this will set you back.

Planning is an important of managing your time wisely as it gives your the opportunity to anticipate and clearly set out what tasks you need to complete in order to complete a project or larger task. Having a clear plan with really help you in the long run.



I hope that you all found these tips helpful in some way! I have been following these throughout the course of an important college project and they have definitely helped me improve not only the quality of my work, but how to save time for myself in the process.

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