Current Beauty Favourites!

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well 🙂

Today I wanted to talk through my current beauty favourites with you, which include some new purchases, some re-purchases and some rediscoveries!!


The first product I want to talk about is the NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray in Matte Finish/Long Lasting.

I first bought this setting spray last Summer when I wanted to make sure that my makeup would stay in place even if I was hot or a little bit sweaty (it happens to everyone!!) and it did a fantastic job!

However, I started using it less and less as it began to grow cold again because I just didn’t seem to need it. I eventually ran out and just didn’t seem to repurchase it until a few weeks ago when the weather in England began to get much hotter and nicer.


Since then I have fallen in love with this setting spray! I can’t go out without using it to set my makeup! I really love how lightweight the finish of it is, I have tried other setting sprays which felt like they really weighed down my makeup and made me want to take it off.

I also really like how small and compact the packaging is as it makes it easier for travel, but I would prefer it to be cheaper considering the size as it’s £7 for 60 ml, I personally would rather pay a little less for this and have them make a larger bottle for £7 or £8.

I would definitely say that this spray does give you a mattified effect but it doesn’t completely take away the glow from your skin, which I appreciate as it gives a more natural effect.

This is a setting spray which I would definitely recommend for those with oily skin like myself, as I have found this product to be a life (and makeup) saver! It not only will keep your oils at bay, but will do so for a long period of time.


Another makeup product which I recently rediscovered was the NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil.

I was gifted this brow pencil for my birthday last year and really enjoyed using it, but like the setting spray I soon ran out and just never got around to repurchasing it – until recently.

I like to go for a more natural and ‘less is more’ makeup look during Summer as it’s easier and less effort in general (it’s too much effort when it’s hot!), which is where this eyebrow pencil comes in handy as it’s so delicate and lightweight that it creates a really natural brow that is very understated. I also use this in the shade taupe which is very natural and quite light.

It does come with a spoolie which is a nice addition to your brow routine, however even with the addition of this I don’t feel like this product should cost £8. Seeing as you aren’t getting much product in the pencil due to it’s size I would definitely say this is slightly overpriced for the amount you are getting.

But this has been called a dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil, which is much more expensive than this, so I guess that makes this worth it – at least in my eyes!

If you are looking for a fairly cheap eyebrow pencil that will give you a natural effect then I would definitely suggest trying this one out.


My next favourite is the Maybelline Matte and Poreless Fit Me Powder. 

I recently broke my only powder (Rimmel Stay Matte) and thought that it would be a nice change to try something new for once. When shopping for powders I saw that there was a powder to go with the Fit Me Foundation which I am currently using, and thought heck why not?!

After being slightly sceptical at first about whether it was working, I gave it a few days to get used to it and that’s when I realised that this powder was nothing like I have ever seen! I’m not sure how it looks with other foundations and since my base products are from the same range I could tell that they were made to match each other but they are like nothing I have ever tried.

I really love this powder as it does what it says which you don’t see a lot of nowadays, but I can honestly say that this powder does help give you a matte and pore less finish and it does last for most of the day – at least that is what I have found.

You receive a sponge and a compact mirror with this product which is really handy as it makes it suitable for travel and it’s small enough for you to just throw into your bag and travel around with. The packaging is very sturdy and doesn’t feel flimsy and easy to break, which was what I found with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, as the lid would constantly crack and break apart.

This powder does cost £7 which is a bit more expensive than other powders with similar purposes however I would pay this much money as I know that this is a reliable powder and would therefore recommend this to people with shiny/oily skin.


The next product is something that I never really talk about, which is the Essence lip liner in the shade ‘In the nude’ (11).

I absolutely love this lip liner to death and seem to reach for it on a daily basis because of how amazing it really is. I feel like Essence is a very underrated brand as they have quite a few lovely products – this being one of them!


This lip liner only cost me £1 which I think is a fair price in comparison to other lip liner’s on the market, at first I didn’t expect much from it but it proved me wrong. The pigmentation is actually really impressive and the texture is really creamy and smooth which I what I look for in a lip liner as I already have quite dry lips as it is.

However, I wouldn’t say this lasts for ages but I didn’t expect it to once again because of how cheap it was. But if you are looking for a decent lip liner that comes in a wide variety of shades and aren’t too fussed about whether or not it’s long lasting then I would recommend having a look into their brand and range.


Another favourite of mine is the No7 BB Lips beauty balm. I recently found this at the bottom of my makeup and thought I would give it a go and test it out.

Little was I to know that this would soon become a go-to lip product of mine, mainly because of how delicate and subtle it is whilst really nourishing your lips.

The packaging for this lip gloss is a squeezy tube which I don’t always find very helpful as you either squeeze too much or not enough out of the tube, I would much prefer a doe-foot wand for applying lip gloss as it gives you the right amount of product.

This does cost £9 which I do think is a tad bit excessive as this isn’t a ground breaking lip gloss or anything like that, but it is still nice.

These come in a variety of shades making it easy for anyone to wear plus the pigment isn’t too extreme making it good for everyday use and wear.


Another current favourite of mine is the Iconic Pro 1 Palette by Makeup Revolution – the brand which we all know I can’t resist!

I was given this palette for Christmas last year as I had seen adverts for it and soon became intrigued by it, but it wasn’t until later when I did some further research and found out that this was a dupe for the Lorac Pro Palette which is around £34 in the UK, whereas this palette was only £6.


I really do like the simplicity of this palette as you can create a variety of very understated and simplistic eye looks for everyday, if that’s what you like of course. I would say that out of my eyeshadow palette collection, that this is definitely the palette I reach for to create a matte look.

I really like that there are very staple matte shades, many of which would be great transition and outer corner shades. Also, I find the mixture of shimmer shades to be quite interesting as there are a lot of different colours that you can choose from. Personally I do find that the shadows can be a little chalky from time to time, but it’s nothing a little bit of blending can’t solve.

Plus these shadows have amazing pigment, as the majority of Makeup Revolution palettes do!

I would definitely suggest checking this palette out if you love finding new dupes just as much as I do – I mean who doesn’t love saving money and still getting a decent product?!


Moving on to the next favourite of this month, I delved back into my makeup bag to see if there were any other long forgotten products and I managed to find the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Golden Sugar.



I really love this palette as I feel like there is such a variety of interesting and pretty shades, as you can see in the picture above they have a rose gold shade, and then a gold shade with orange/pink reflex. The shades are just incredible and I’ve personally never seen anything like them anywhere else, also the pigmentation is amazing!

Believe it or not this palette only cost £6 which I think is fairly priced considering you are given 8 shades in total – all of outstanding quality.

My only slight problem with this palette is that I’m not entirely sure which shades are blushes and which are highlights as the packaging didn’t have any signs or instructions on what was what, which I think would have been helpful as you don’t always want a shimmery bright pink cheek!

I also really like the bronze and gold shades in this palette as they give you the perfect bronzed glow for summer nights and blend really nicely so that it’s not too harsh.

I can’t rave enough about the diversity of this palette and the shades themselves as they are just truly incredible and I can’t recommend this palette any more than I already have, this palette could double as an eye-shadow palette if you were truly that brave, and the bronze/contour shade could act as a transition shade!!


My next favourite beauty product of the month is Benefits Hoola Bronzer!

I don’t actually own the full size version of this bronzer as I bought this one to test the product out before purchasing a full size version of Hoola. Despite this, I actually quite enjoy owning the mini version as this has lasted me well over an entire year and I have only really just hit pan; which is very impressive!

The mini version cost me £12.50 whereas the full size version would cost you £24.50 which is quite expensive for a stand alone product. If it was a palette with multiple shades and some blush and highlight shades then that would seem more reasonable in my opinion.


However, I would definitely say that it’s worth buying as the pigmentation is incredible, which might worry some people – BUT it’s fine as it’s also really easy and simple to blend! Making it a staple product in anyone’s makeup bags for sure.

Lots of people worry when shopping for bronzers as you can’t always be sure whether or not it will suit you and your skin tone, or whether it will be too orange, trust me I’m one of those people. I am normally quite pale but sometimes I look more tanned and sometimes I look really pale so getting the right bronzer for the right time of year can be quite difficult.

That’s why I have several bronzers that I use for different times of the year, as of now I am using a mixture of Hoola and the bronzer from my Makeup Revolution Bronze and Glow palette, which I spoke about in a past post about a Manchester Makeup Haul.


I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a summer bronzer and wants a natural bronzed glow to their skin and is willing to fork out a little bit extra!


The final product that I have been in love with this month is the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara!

I have to say this is probably my all time favourite mascara – EVER!!! I was recently given this mascara and I haven’t actually gone a day without using it so far, I can’t go out without wearing this mascara as I just don’t feel complete! Which I know is ridiculous!!

I am not someone who can apply fake lashes or has the skills to do anything fiddly like that, and frankly I don’t think I could ever really be bothered which is why I love this mascara so much, as it gives you a ‘false lash effect’ without having to apply false lashes.


Despite this mascara being called False Lash Effect it doesn’t give you really huge and clumpy looking lashes which I really like. Instead, it lengthens them and makes them appear fuller whilst still looking natural. You get instant volume is what I really appreciate as sometimes my lashes can be a little flat.

You can also build this mascara up if you want a more voluminous look or if you simply want thicker lashes. Not a lot of mascaras let you build them up after an extended period of time however these do, without going flaky as well.


I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about this mascara as it’s just perfect in my opinion and everything that I want from a mascara. It does cost £11 but it is by Max Factor which is the higher end of the drugstore but it’s honestly so worth it and I can’t praise it anymore than I already have.


I hope you all enjoyed this rather lengthy post and were able to take something from it!

See you all soon xxx

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  1. I love that setting spray its so good and it makes my makeup last all day!

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    1. It’s a must have product in my makeup routine!! Thanks for reading 😊

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