~I have never ever been a calm blue sea. I have always been a storm~

Hi 🙂

I’m Anna Preston and I’m a full time student with a part time hobby – blogging! I’ve been blogging since I was 14 where I mainly wrote reviews and tutorials but I often lost touch with my blog as high school and exams got in the way. I’m now at college where I have more spare time to write and express myself!

I want to be more creative with this new blog and expand what I write about as my my interests and writing skills have grown since I was 14.

 I’ll be uploading content about fashion, the best shops for the best price, finding your style, dressing for the right occasion etc. As well as beauty, food and advice from a teenager experiencing similar things to yourself!

This will mainly be an outlet for my passions and a way for me to express myself but also a resource for people my age with similar interests to mine.

Hopefully you’ll feel right at home here ❤

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